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Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow…. this blog, car auction buying service and website started after my illness with testicular cancer and has grown to be the UK’s #1 Blog in this industry, the UK’s #1 Largest Car Sourcing Business and so much more…


I’m a qualified mechanic, petrol head, Harley Davidson enthusiast, tattoo addict and entrepreneur. I scour the net for car deals and buy from Auctions, Traders, Private Sellers and those selling spares or repairs cars, fix them up and sell them on and back up all the sales with genuine after-sales support. A true Car Flipper –  Why not buy the Flipping Cars eBook or let me source your next car & save you some money.

As seen on ITV’s prime time show, Deals, Wheels and Steals.

Don’t worry, that pumpkin is only a graphic I pop on during Halloween, it comes off the rest of the time 😉halloween

This is my current car 😉


The Mrs, The Rock & The Business Woman in Control. A fitness superwoman. You won’t meet a fitter woman with this much determination and drive to succeed. Mim is also a biker who has ridden Harleys herself.

Mim manages the details of the car sales from showing the cars to completing the deal and of course the money.

She makes doing this job a lot of fun. It’s great to have the support and love of someone like her and I count myself very lucky to have found my life partner. This year will see us celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary and we are still very much so in love. I don’t underestimate how fortunate that is. I know many people search a lifetime for the one. I’ve found mine!


Dylan & Bryn

The whole reason we do this! These are our boys. Our world revolves around them. Our money is spent on them. If it weren’t for our boys we’d probably be 9 to 5’ers…. Nah! The fun we have with this pair is beyond imagination. Just don’t eat a sausage when they are around!

Chris with Dylan and Bryn

The Biys

More Info

Chris is also one of the car dealers featured in the hit ITV show Deals Wheels and Steals. This show is currently being shown worldwide. It was shown in the UK on ITV prime time at 7:30pm and attracted nearly 3 million viewers per show. Love it or hate it, it was great fun to be part of and I really enjoyed my time with the crew and other dealers.

Flipping Cars TV

I am also a key influencer in getting people into the motor trade & educating people about this fantastic industry. Through my ebook, training course and public speaking with companies as big as Gumtree Motors I spend a lot of time inspiring & training the next generation of motor dealers and industry experts.

Chris and Mel from Deals Wheels and Steals

Image features fellow dealer from Deals Wheels and Steals, Mel Munday.

What We Buy & Sell

We buy and sell cars at every level. We recently flipped a £60K Porsche Cayenne Turbo but are also happy to flip £1000 family cars. It doesn’t matter really, as long as it makes a profit, we’ll flip it!!! The goal is to save people money on their new cars whilst making a tidy profit ourselves. We see it as a win/win for both sides.

Flipping Porsches

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Car Buying Service.

You might be reading this and thinking, I wish I could buy my next car from an auction and save on dealership prices. YOU CAN! I offer the UK’s Number 1 Car Auction Buying Service that is loved and reviewed by many and backed with testimonials from Happy Customers. What not take a read through my Feefo Reviews. Every day I buy at least one car for someone. Most days I buy several cars. They range from family cars to first cars and from high-end performance to the bespoke customised cars like my very own one.


I source cars for people in the UK, Ireland and overseas. No distance is too far. I have even sourced for customers as far away as New Zealand and everywhere in between that drive on the left. I send cars to ROI and NI every week. Over the last 12 months, I have sourced getting on for £15 million pounds worth of cars and its growing year on year.

Feefo Trusted Service Award

I’m not perfect (nearly perfect), but I care about every one of my customers. Some of my customers aren’t perfect, but hey, I strive to deliver the very best experience to all, regardless of whether you are an awesome person or one of life’s moaners haha. I want your experience of my business to be the very best and I will always do my best for you. This year has seen me win the Feefo Trusted Service Award. In an industry that’s rife with scammers, I hope you will feel reassured that I provide a safe place for you to do business with me.



We operate out of Solihull, near Birmingham Airport.
Click the image below and take a tour of our location.


Flipping Cars is easy, right? NO! There are many mistakes that are often made by newbies or those dabbling in the industry. Why not come on my 1:1 training course and learn to flip cars with me. I run this course every week on a Tuesday or Friday and its really, really popular. I also have a popular eBook that’s been brought hundreds of times. You can buy it on this website.

But you can still buy the eBook.


My Free Tools.

I invest my hard-earned money in tools that I offer you for free 🙂

Why not download my free iOS and Android Car Auction Fee Calculator App or view my web based calculator. You might also like to use my Recent Car Auction Prices search engine. I even have a DMS – Dealer Management System for Car Dealer Websites.

Car Auction Fee Calculator Video


Want to win a car? For £5 per ticket you could win a car with my website WinaWhip.com


That’s Us

So that’s us! 2 people and 2 dogs entertaining you and saving you money through this blog & website. I hope you enjoy it and all the effort we put into making this the premier car flipping blog in the UK. If you did, then please share a link on Facebook or your other social media channel as your support is always appreciated!

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