If you are a lazy b*stard or looking for a get rich quick scheme, you are in the WRONG place, LEAVE NOW. Like any REAL business, this will take work. You will get cars you struggle to sell, you will buy cars that cause you headaches thanks to mechanical issues and you will lose some money on some cars. You will deal with customers who are complete dickhe*ds, that’s life (just like one or two people who sign up for this will be for me). Some people make money really, really fast and some it takes some time. You may find you need to fund the purchase of a few cars to get a sensible ‘turnover’. Some people are better at selling than others. Success takes work. I will NOT guarantee your success, that’s down to you. I WILL GUARANTEE I will provide the resource to help you get there. I’ve got a successful business & its taken a lot of work. The same will apply for you.

I’m here to help but I’m no mug. Take the pi*s and ill boot you out without a refund! I look forward to welcoming the serious amongst you. Finally, if you think you will sign up for a month, then demand a refund because you
are too bone idol to make this work save your money in the first place. I will have given you access to a lot of resources that’s cost me a lot of money. NO REFUNDS! Don’t sign up otherwise it will offend me and I won’t roll over no matter how hard you moan and stamp your feet. You’ll go on my wall of shame. Apologies to those who this doesn’t apply to.