Nearly every day of the week I buy a car for someone. Sometimes its overseas, Australia, Hong Kong, Malta, Ireland etc but the majority of the time it’s for someone based in the UK. I strive to make the process as easy and straight forward as possible. Some of the cars we buy can take weeks to source, others as little as 24 hours. It doesn’t really matter how long it actually takes, as long as you end up with your dream car at the right price.

Last week I had the pleasure of buying a Mini Paceman for a customer from the North East. Barbara sent me this initial email…


As part of my Car Auction Buying Service I have access to the guide prices (CAP and Glass). On top of this I pay for a retail check service too. This enables me to ensure you, as my customer, don’t overpay for your auction car.

I can also offer other perks with my service too, and some people use these and some don’t but they are there for you if you want them. Things such as trade price, quicker deliveries. BCA work off a 3 to 5 working day delivery schedule, whilst I work off a 24 to 48 hour schedule and also I can deliver just as cheap if not cheaper than BCA. I can insure your car too, so that once you have paid, your expensive purchase is protected. On top of that I can store your car should you not be able to take delivery for a period of time. A lot of people take advantage of this. I can even add on a trade price warranty if you want one adding to your car. All of this falls within my fee. Its not expensive and in fact it should be just as cheap, if not cheaper using me than it would be going to the auction yourself because I get a discount on the buyers premium that you pay as a private buyer. Think about all that time travelling to the many auctions you need to go to bid multiple times to secure a car, thats an expensive job.

Anyway, Barbara sent me the email and within 8 days we had bought her car for her. We didn’t win the first one but we did win the next one. I know some of my clients don’t win the first 5, 10, 20 cars but we nearly always get there in the end.

I used my trade account with a delivery company to get Barbara’s car to here quickly and Barbara was kind enough to send me this lovely email / testimonial…

Dear Chris

Thank you for enabling me to buy my dream car at a stunning price . The process from start to end was smooth and professional .  It was a big decision for me to buy a car at auction – 300 miles away using someone I have never met to buy it for me and then again another person I have never met to deliver it for me .  At no point did  I feel pressurised to make a decision that was remotely uncomfortable and all my questions were promptly and patiently answered . My car was ‘won’ on Tuesday and delivered to my door on Thursday at 7.30 am and it not only met but exceeded my expectations  and I saved 2000 pounds on dealer price !

All round Chris provides an A* service and I know that this is the only way we will be buying cars from now on .

Barbara K
Newcastle upon Tyne