I’m currently looking to source a high number of cars. Around 20 to 50 a month. I can only pay webuyanycar.com prices.

If you have a car for sale then this may be ideal for you. To give you an idea of what I want to pay for your car you can do a valuation at webuyanycar.com or any similar website. There are a number of real benefits to selling your car quickly like this.

  • You wont have any advertising costs
  • You get your money straight away
  • You wont need to haggle
  • What I pay you is likely to be close to what you would get anyway but without the added hassle.
  • Its likely to be more than what you’ll get if part exchange it.
  • If you are buying another car and need to sell yours quickly this is ideal for you.

You might prefer to sell to me as I wont charge you fee’s like webuyanycar.com and I wont make you wait for your money. Ill also pay you the same day!

I do have some criteria though…

  • I only want cars under 100,000 miles ( I may consider cars up to 140,000 )
  • The car cant have any mechanical defects
  • The car should have at least 3 months MOT and ideally 6 months MOT
  • The car should have no warning lights on
  • You will need to offer me a 48 hour returns policy. I will only exercise this option if you fail to tell me important information about the car or hide it from me. This is only if I find something you haven’t declared to me in the first place. If there is a fault or issue then just be honest and tell me, i might still buy. Honesty is the best policy.
  • It hasn’t ever been subject to an insurance write off. (Cat A to D)
  • It has never been used for private hire. (No Taxi’s)
  • It has never been used for driving tuition.
  • It has never been used as an emergency vehicle.
  • It isn’t an import.

Please remember I cant pay retail prices. Im not a car collector or interested in buying for my own driving purposes.

I am happy to buy cars up to £60,000 in value so will look at high end cars as well.

If this is of interest then please get in touch with me and tell me as much as you can. The info i require is…

  • Car Registration
  • Mileage
  • MOT due date
  • Any service history
  • Number of keys
  • Any faults or defects
  • Car spec and whether its petrol or diesel

& most importantly YOU MUST TELL ME YOUR ASKING PRICE! PLEASE NO MAKE AN OFFER EMAILS! I will always try and make you a fair offer for you car.

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