As I sit and take a breather this bank holiday weekend (a rare occurrence), I thought I’d add up the total value of cars sourced this year alone so far. It comes to a whopping £1,131,850!!! Smashing a Million Pounds worth of cars!

It makes me proud to have achieved this already in 2017. It’s not without its challenges, but as long as I focus on my own customer service, it’s very rewarding. I love to receive comments like these…

I just wanted to say a massive thanks for all of your help; right from the off, before I’d paid you a penny, you were giving me advice and helping out.  You’ve always been quick to reply to emails and even when I was probably asking you a bit much (when I asked you to see how much a Clubman went for that was out of my budget) you obliged.  As for sorting out someone to deliver the car on a bank holiday (Good Friday) – incredible!  I don’t know if you’ve used that driver before but he came with his wife, they’re a really sound couple, very professional too.  I would recommend him.

I’ll certainly be telling anyone that’ll listen about your service and I’m sure we’ll be asking for your help with our next car – we tend to keep our motors for a long time, so that will probably be a good few years away…as long as you’re still in the game I’ll be contacting you!


The car is awesome, I keep discovering new features – I just love it.


Can’t thank you enough Chris – will write you up a testimonial at some point. Can’t quite believe how smoothly it’s gone so far, and, that I actually spent that much money on a car, never having seen it and paying someone I’ve never met and only ever emailed 😀
Thank you for providing an excellent service Chris – you’re my first port of call for my next car. I shall be singing your praises! 😀
Ed (and Kathryn, who loves her new Mini thank you and she can’t wait to drive it!)
I wanted to share these comments and my Feefo Feedback with you and ‘cement’ them in my blog for me to enjoy too. My customer service is extremely important to me. It can be challenging when the auctions don’t pass on this courtesy and also tough as I outsource a lot of my deliveries and so have to entrust third parties with maintaining my own high standards which sometimes they don’t but 95% of the time they do. Regardless of others though, I always try and give YOU my customers the very best I can offer.
Image: Me (Chris – left) handing over a Merc to a customer of my car buying service (& now friend) Jason.
car sourcing service
As we plough further into the year, you will see me introduce many more services and features for people looking to buy cars, but also for car traders and newbies looking to get into Flipping Cars and Car Trading.


My car buying service isn’t only for UK customers. Of course, I send cars to the Republic of Ireland and the Channel Islands, but I also send cars overseas with customers in Malta, Cyprus, Pakistan and even New Zealand to name but a few of my customers’ locations.
I’ll post a video soon showing you the Mercedes I bought for Jason and another about an Audi for a customer of another business based in New Zealand. Prior to me sending the car to New Zealand, the client asked me to have the brakes and tyres changed and a new key cut too before sending it down to the port for shipping. Should make an interesting video for you to watch.
If you are looking for a new car, then do consider using my car sourcing service. I can provide all main dealer services, such as finance and warranties so there really is no reason why you can’t save a few quid on your next car purchase.


I get to meet many people in this business. Whether that’s customers, people interested in learning how to buy and sell cars profitably, and other traders who I bump into at auctions who come over and say hi because they have seen this very blog or one of my YouTube videos.
Here are just a few photos of people I’ve met on my training day recently… Will YOU be next?