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I appreciate you buying one of my services. It is YOUR responsibility to check whether it’s a monthly recurring payment (usually, when it says per month, its monthly 😉 ). If you want to cancel at anytime you are welcome to here, or simply email me at and I’ll do it for you. If you do it after you are charged, I won’t be able to refund it as I will have spent it on beer, my dogs, my wife, a night out, my Harley Davidson or business expenses (most likely). You are over 18 so I expect you are capable of making this decision. 🙂 Once you have bought a car with me, cancel this subscription unless you want to keep viewing prices. I’m a very nice chap, a great bloke and a mate to everyone, but I am human and can’t mind read (not as yet anyway), and I don’t want to take your hard earned dosh. So please act responsibly with your own money!

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