Imagine, 10 cars, all the same, all the same spec, same condition, same mileage and same price! All located close to a single buyer. How do you make sure they come and buy your car?

It’s all in the presentation.

You know, you are the best person to sell them that car but they don’t. You know you care, you will sell them a good quality car, with a great warranty and if they have an issue with it you’ll help them out, but they don’t know that. SO TELL THEM!

You do that way before they even come and view the car. Your Autotrader Advert should present your company and the car in the best possible way. They should be able to read reviews about how great a person you are to buy from. They need to be able to click through to your website (haven’t got a great one? shame on you, there’s no excuse with!) and see everything they need to know. They want to see great images, a video of the car, the tech and spec info, how much the tax will be, whether you take part exchanges, what your business is all about and if they can get a warranty too.

With this in mind, I created an awesome car sale landing page that’s part of Car Dealer Manager, simply THE best car dealer website solution available today. I say this with confidence as I designed it. I’m a car dealer who has gone from selling a few thousand pounds worth of cars to several million a year. Does your website look like the one below? If yes, well done, you obviously sell a lot of cars! If not. sign up with Car Dealer Manager TODAY!

car dealer website design