I recently received this email from Mike based in Cork, Ireland

Message Body:
Hi Chris,
I’ve been looking at cars for sale in the UK for the last week or two only to find out if we have any chance of getting something fairly modern it would have to be from auction. So I signed up with BCA and Manheim to see what cars were going through. But without being able to access guide prices or bid online it was a bit pointless. By accident/good fortune I came across your website and the great service you provide, and after watching all of your videos which are all Excellent I must say, top quality and pure genius like nothing els out there, and nice to see someone genuine/honest there to help. After watching the videos I decided this is the best way for us to find a car. Anyway I taught I would be contacting you this week to start talking about getting a car, but unfortunately we will just have to wait a bit longer but we will get there. I was hoping for now you might be able to give me a rough guide price on what it would need to pay for a nice clean fiat Scudo panorama 130 multijet 8 seater. We were looking at some 13 reg cars that were white gold colour. Sorry for the long message I just wanted to give you a bit of background and well deserved feedback.
(This was take 2 a bit like one of your videos for some reason I lost the first message while writing it)

Thank you

Mike has 6 kids and wanted or should I say needed a MPV for his family. The first thing I said was that the TV must be rubbish in Ireland if you’ve got six kids lol.

Mike had already found what he wanted and realised he was looking at spending over £10k to get a Fiat Scudo Panorama & probably £12K plus from a dealer. Mike had seen a couple at auction but by the time he contacted me they had actually just gone through. I thought I’d call the auction and see if they had sold. Lucky (Irish Luck I guess) for Mike they hadn’t sold. So I had a chat with the auction centre and they said “Look, make us an offer and we can ask the vendor”. So I really low balled them an offer. This was on a Friday so we had to wait until Monday to get an answer. Luck for us they came back and said yes the offer had been accepted! I had offer them CAP below. The bottom valuation.

It was great to give Mike the positive news and he arrange to fly over to Birmingham with his wife Orla to collect it from me. It was going to take a couple of weeks to arrange to come over. So it gave me time to have it delivered to me, checked over by my mechanic and serviced & valeted for him. I arrange to pick Mike and his wife up from Birmingham Airport at 8am so that they could drive home.

Mike, Orla and Chris Flipping Cars

This is what Mike had to say about my service…

Hi Chris

We just wanted to thank you again for helping us to buy our car recently, and we wanted to share our experience with others who might be thinking of using your service.

After doing some research myself, I found our best option to buy our car would be through the auction route. Which was a bit scary, as I taught, if I travel over from Ireland on the day of the auction and don’t end up getting one of cars I had in mind it’s going to be a lot of money wasted. That’s when by accident or ( LUCK ) I came across flippingcars.co.uk, Chris and the service he provides. I watched a lot of the videos Chris has on his YouTube channel and from them, I got a good sense of the kind of person Chris is and knew this was the best way we would get our car. I sent my first enquiry email to Chris late that evening, and too my surprise there was a reply back before 7 o clock the following morning. After a few more emails I phoned Chris, and we had a good chat and a joke it was like talking to a friend you had known all your life, and I gave all of the details of the type of car we wanted. Our search was a bit quiet for a couple of weeks as the car we were looking for are not that plentiful and wouldn’t be coming up every week. Eventually I saw what I hoped was the car for us, the only problem was it was just about to be sold. I got straight on the phone to Chris, and he took it from there. As it turned out we had just missed the auction by minutes. But luckily Chris was able to use his auction experience in this instance, and he reassured me that it might be still possible to get it. After a few phone calls from Chris too the auction house, and too us ( and a lot of nail biting at our end ) we got the news from Chris that the car was still available. We left it entirely up to Chris at this point and he made an offer for the car on our behalf. Chris got the news we were waiting for and the car was ours ( we could never have got this car by ourselves ). We couldn’t go to collect the car for almost two week, NOT A PROBLEM, Chris got the car delivered to his storage unit and kept it there for us. I wanted the car to be right before driving it back to Ireland, so Chris had it checked over by a mechanic and serviced, he also had it valeted for us. After about a week our kids were asking when can we see the car, so I sent a text to Chris and asked if he would send a photo of the car when he had a chance, within 10 minutes he sent a video for them complete with a nice message too. The day before we went to collect the car Chris phoned me to say the car was low on diesel, and did we want him to fill it up for us so we could get straight on the road the next day with no delays, I had taught about it but didn’t want to ask. We arrived in Birmingham airport at 8:10 in the morning and Chris was there to collect us. We got back to his storage unit where he went through the car and the paperwork with us. Before checking the traffic reports as there had been bad delays earlier that morning on our route. All was well, so we set on our way home.

All in all this is the only way for me to buy a car in the future. And I wouldn’t pass Chris at flippingcars.co.uk, your dealing with a real genuine person who is genuine about saving people money and there are big savings too be made. If anyone is contemplating going down this route to buy a car, think no more, your in the right place, where you will get the best of advice and service. This is coming from someone who would need about 2 weeks to make a decision when buying a newspaper 👍🏻. But this was the easiest and best decision I’ve  made in a while. You’ll have no worries here.

Thanks for the great feedback Mike, it was a pleasure helping you and your family. Mike was able to use my auction fee calculator app, free for you all to download (in the menu of this website) and took out this car buying service of mine.

This is how I celebrate when Ive sourced someone there dream car

Chris celebrating

Heres the Video of the Scudo