Every week, and its getting close to every day now, I deliver a car to a happy customer of my Car Auction Buying Service. This week has been no different. On Saturday, two people picked up there new purchases from my unit near Birmingham Airport. One had flown in from Hong Kong! Not to Birmingham but to Heathrow. He had then caught a train up and collected his car from me. Another came up on the train to Birmingham International Train Station where I picked him up. Both came up to pick up Audi’s. One a Q5 and one an A1.

Its actually been a busy week in regards to buying and selling Audi’s. I had an A5 delivered to a customer that I sourced from an Audi dealership. I paid trade money for it and so did my customer of course. It was prepped to Audi retail standards too. I then had these two Audi’s for these customers. I also then bought an Audi A6 from another independent dealer for myself to retail. Its quite an interesting story and Ive done a YouTube video about it that I’ll release this week. I’ve actually put a YouTube video together about this too and you can watch that here.

I then bought an Audi S7 for another of my car buying customers and had that delivered without it coming via me. I have trade contacts who can deliver cars quickly & very cost effectively and when I can’t deliver I use them. I’d love to be able to deliver all my cars to my customers but it’s just not viable & to finish the Audi’s off another customer of mine bought another Q5 via me. Again I had that delivered direct to him.

So in all, over the last week I have, on behalf of my customers, bought nearly £100,000 of Audi stock. I also have a list of approx another £100k worth of Audi’s to source and around £250K worth of other cars Im currently looking for customers of my buying service for.

Anyway, this is a quick blog post to introduce you to my latest YouTube video. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel too.