Congratulations! You made the winning bid! You’ve paid for the car and have received the documents and keys. Righto, now you have to get the car home. In this post we will look at the various ways you can get your car home from the auctions

For a car to be legally driven on the road you must have a valid MOT, Road Tax & Insurance. Simple isnt it?


OK if the car has no MOT then your options are restricted. Unless your car is being driven to a pre-booked MOT it will have to be transported back from the auction. You could simply book an MOT and drive your car from the auction to the MOT testing station, but make sure its pre-booked.

Road Tax

The car may come with some road tax already on it. Its not unusual. If it doesnt but it has an MOT then you could buy the tax and then pick the car up. If not it will need to be transported or driven on motor trade plates.


To be driven on a public highway your car must be insured. You have a number of options here.

Full Insurance:

If you are buying the car for yourself then you could just take out your insurance then drive the car away

Temp Insurance:

You could take out temporary cover. Day or Short Term cover is now readily available.

Motor Trade Insurance:

If you are a trader or buy a lot of cars then take out a motor traders insurance policy.

If none of the above work for you then you must get it transported.

Auction Transport

If you need to recover your car from the auction on a transporter then you have a number of options …

Auction Transporter:

Most auction houses offer a transport service themselves. In most cases this is probably the cheapest way for you to go about getting it picked up. Most auction houses have an online pricing tool for this service too.

Online Transport sites:

uShip & Shiply are two of the popular shipping websites. You can add the details of the car onto these sites for free and ask for quotes or set a price to get your car from the auction to your destination.

Professional Auction Buyers:

People, like me, exist to help you buy from an auction and get your car home. Professional auction buyers attend an auction with you or go on your behalf and get the car back to you. Because they buy volumes of cars they get cheaper auction buyer fees so the fee they charge you is offset against what you’d pay anyway. This is the cheapest, and i appreciate i am biased, but the best way to ensure you don’t end up with a turkey.

Again, when buying at auction you should take into consideration these fees on top of the buyer fees.