A short time ago I was at a car auction and up came a Porsche Cayenne Turbo 4.8. It was a real head turner and had the price tag to match. It had already been through the auction the prior week but had gone unsold as it hadn’t met the reserve price. It had a massive spec and was really something a little different to anything else that the auction puts through. It really peaked my interest and I was in the market for something a little different and something high end.

Flipping Porsches

Anyway, I won it provisionally and after a little negotiation I secured the sale with the seller as again it hadn’t met the sellers reserve price. Now if you have never driven a Cayenne Turbo and i’m guessing most people haven’t ( I hadn’t ) then let me tell you, it’s like driving a NASA space rocket! Fast as F*!# is an understatement. It was also massively high spec. The spec sheet was 4 pages long lol and it had every bell and whistle you could ask for.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo

We (the mrs & I) decided we should run this down to the local Porsche specialist and get them to take a look at it and see if they would take it on consignment and sell it for us. You see with this sort of car it makes sense to have someone who can sell it with all the assurances and warranties only a specialised dealer can offer.

The guys at the Porsche specialist had the same reaction as me and took it on. To keep the story short, they ran a diagnostics check on it, removed the minor dents and light scratches and had it mopped. They literally made it look brand new again. To top this, they sold it within around a week! Yeah awesome going on a car thats close to £60K.

I don’t want to talk about the money involved in this blog post, but let me tell you we ate steak that month! I made a tidy little profit off this sale and the whole flip was really quick. It had been a strange month with smaller low end cars just not moving as quick as I would have liked so to get a big flip in there really made it a successful month.

This Porsche is also going to be featured in the TV program I am in thats due on ITV in late September of this year, so look out for that.

A week later I was chatting with the seller of the Porsche and he said that exact same Porsche was on YouTube! Yeah the one I had bought had been driven by the team at Fifth Gear. Heres that video…

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