People often ask me what Flipping Cars HQ looks like! I say, “Buy a car and come and collect it from me”. Shake my hand after you’ve saved a fortune 🙂 Have a coffee with me and drive away happy lol.

We also had Google down today to photo the HQ for Google Street View. In three weeks time from (26th July 2019) you will be able to do a virtual tour. How exciting! You see, yes I started this business from home selling small, cheap cars from my driveway, but now, we sell over £10 million of cars a year from our brick and mortar business in Solihull. I employ 5 people directly. I provide work to multiple subcontractors including drivers,  accountants, marketing agencies and mechanics that in turn generates £30,000 of business for UK businesses each and every month. I also pay a massive amount of tax, VAT, corporation tax, ational Insurance and all the other bits that contribute to society. 

So to say I’m proud of the business I have created is an understatement. Look, I’m not perfect, we have headaches and issues but we do try our best. We are only human and we f*ck up from time to time but I promise each and every one of you… I will always make sure we at Flipping Cars will give you our best and when we do mess up we will make sure we try and put it right. I appreciate every one of my customers, whether you spend £500 with me or £100,000 with me.

All of you are welcome to come and have a coffee with my team and I, but please give us a heads up first in case we are all out at the cricket on a “team-building drinkathon” or just not available. 

You may also enjoy subscribing to my YouTube channel and seeing more about what we do.

For those that are interested, hers a few photos of the Flipping Cars HQ

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