Well I finally got round to putting together the first video in the 2016 series of The Big Flip.

I had a lot of the content ready, but god it takes forever to edit it and put it together especially because I’m not a competent video editor lol. I also had to go to Blackbushe Auctions to pick up a car on Saturday after winning it from there on Friday. Then on Sunday I had this actual car sale to complete so its been a really busy time but I wanted to make the effort to put this series of videos together this year.

Its not about showing off or anything negative like that. I want to do this as inspiration for those of you who want to get into this as a business or hobby or just to make some extra cash. I want to show you what the whole process is like. Ill even add in some short videos in between flips to show you a sort of “Day in the Life of a Car Flipper”.

In this video, the first in The Big Flip 2016 Series, I take a £1000 budget and look at a simply strategy to really get me moving. The main goal here in the first flip is to double your money. It means you can then move on to a better quality of car.

Throughout the video I include a number of Tips. They might seem obvious but I promise you most people don’t do these simple things. They are the key to selling cars quickly! Please watch, enjoy and share!!!

If you watch this video please take the time to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Its free after all and it motivates me to make more. Please also add a comment and any questions you have below that video. If you can give it a thumbs up i’d also appreciate that. The video contains a series of tips that you can write down and over the course of the series it will give you a guide that you can follow and do yourself. If you can share it on your Facebook page i’d be eternally grateful! and if you have other social media accounts then that would be awesome too.

I have loved doing this first flip. It was great fun and I’m buzzing about Flip #2.

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