In a previous post back in March 2015 I mentioned I was filming for a new ITV TV show about car dealing. Well the filming finished back in July and the show called Deals, Wheels and Steals is due to air on ITV prime time TV in September 2015.

Deals Wheels and Steals TV Show

As its a new show the format of the series was always a ‘work in progress’ during the filming and the 6 main cast including me put in many many hours of our own time to film many, many different scenes to help the fabulous production team put together what should be an awesome new TV series.

I really hope you enjoy the show. It was great fun to film.

Most of the filming was done at auctions in South London, with me from Birmingham that personally involved many long journeys, many hours on the train commuting and many hours stuck in traffic on the M25 car park.


I can’t go into much detail at this time, however all the below is currently available in the public domain so will give you a sneak preview of whats in store. Once I can write more about it i certainly will.

ITV Media released the following program synopsis

Banter, bull and barmy optimism: welcome to the fast-moving, smooth-talking world of Britain’s best…and worst second hand car dealers. In a world full of faceless cyber shopping one small group of likely lads and ladies revels in the age-old art of face to face buying and selling…the second hand car dealers. In every show we will feature very different dealers as they survive on their wits and chase their dreams.

From used Porsche specialists to the denizens of rough and ready bailiff auctions their methods are the same – buy low, sell high and never concede you are offering anything other than a peach. Deals, Wheels and Steals is a fascinating and funny window into the world of one of Britain’s iconic trades – a tribe that we all think we know but turns out to be full of surprises. Heart-warming and uplifting the second hand car dealers will have us talking, laughing and groaning – as they put their game faces on, prepare to do battle and take on the world one car at a time.

Broadcast Now, Reported this…

ITV has ordered a motoring series from Wheeler Dealers indie Attaboy TV as it revs up its strategy to attract more male viewers.

The 6 x 30-minute series Deals, Wheels and Steals will go behind the scenes at six of the UK’s liveliest second-hand car auctioneers as dealers hunt for the best bargains.

  • Title Deals, Wheels and Steals
  • Channel ITV
  • Production company Attaboy
  • Commissioner Richard Klein

In each episode the dealers will bid on three cars, repair them to make them roadworthy before attempting to sell them on at a profit.

Deals, Wheels and Steals is Attaboy’s first commission for ITV after it has enjoyed considerable success with Discovery’s Wheeler Dealers. The long-running show, in which Mike Brewer and mechanic Ed China buy, repair and trade motors, is regularly among the multichannel broadcaster’s highest rated programmes.

Deals, Wheels and Steals was commissioned by ITV’s director of factual Richard Klein.

The show was developed by Attaboy’s head of development Malcolm Clark, who has worked on Blink Films’ Classic Car Rescue, and will be series produced by Laura Capaldi, who has produced Country Tracks and Geordie Shore.

“Deals, Wheels and Steals is a fascinating and funny window into the world of one of Britain’s iconic trades – a tribe that we all think we know but turns out to be full of surprises,” said Clark.

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