As many of you who read my blog regularly will know, I offer a Car Auction Buying Service. Its a really popular service and a large part of my business. Im lucky enough to buy cars for people all over the UK, Ireland and also overseas. The furthest customer I have had until now was still in Europe but recently my service has bene taken up by people further afield. One I will tell you about in another post. He is from Hong Kong and i’m delivering his car to him next week, however this customer is from even further than that… Australia!

A couple of months ago I received this email

Email from Australia

We ended up buying a BMW 535D M Sport from a BCA auction. As Bruce wasn’t coming over until August he asked me to store and insure the car for him at my unit. When the car arrived I checked the service history with my local Sytner BMW dealership and they told me it was up to date but it was on a recall for an air con upgrade. So I booked it in and had that done for him too.

Bruce Anna and Chris having a coffee

Bruce then gave me an email saying he was due over and was going to stay in London for 10 days first. He wanted me to bring the car to him in London where he would have some hand controls fitted. It transpired Bruce was wheel chair bound due to a cycling accident when he was in his late 40’s. It hadn’t stopped him though and he was touring the UK with his lovely wife Anna. This is what the car was for. It worked out cheaper to buy and then sell a car through me than to hire a car.

Bruce BMW Handover

I drove down on a Saturday morning to meet up with Bruce and Anna and handed the car over.

Here’s the video of that experience