Sure to be Sure (Irish reference #1) my Car Buying Service is available overseas too. Ive sold cars to Malta, France, Channel Islands and of course to the Emerald Isle (Irish reference #2). I sell and source for many people in Ireland, in fact I do this nearly every week with me being able to deliver for £250 + VAT from the UK or pick customers up from Birmingham Airport. I actually love to work with my Irish customers, I even proposed to my wife at the top of the Guinness Store House in Dublin, REALLY! I also love the banter and the craic (Irish reference #3), so It was a real pleasure to source a car for Gary last week.

Gary was kind enough to write me this testimonial….

I am living outside Dublin and bought a C250 estate last year at a good price that I was looking to flip before it started to really depreciate. A friend told me about the BCA auctions and I began researching cars and how. As most of you will know you can only purchase as a private individual if you are present at the auction. That would obviously entail, picking an auction that had 1 or more suitable cars (I had a specific car in mind) flying over to the nearest airport, transfer, hope that I’m successful and then make a mad dash for the next ferry which would likely be 200 miles away or stay overnight somewhere. All quite costly.
I went to my good friend Google, to see if there was anyway around this and I came across Chris and Flippingcars! I researched the site and online. I couldn’t find any negative feedback at all, so I dropped Chris an email late one Friday night. By the time I woke he had already replied! I followed up with a call a day later and we discussed my requirements and he told me about his service. For me it’s important that I feel comfortable and trust the person I am dealing with. This was most definitely the case with Chris. He has an easy going manner and is extremely knowledgeable especially considering he’s a mechanic by trade. His fee is more than reasonable and he was always very prompt in coming back to me.
Irish Car Buyer in UK England
As it turned out the purchasers of the car I had sold, which I had guaranteed for a week, told me that their mechanic reported an issue with the turbo. It resulted in me having to cancel Chris’s service, while I sorted this issue. Thankfully it only took a month. I had a slight concern that I had lost the value of the fee I had literally just paid, but Chris assured me over the phone that his service would never expire and later emailed me to advise the same. Sure enough, when my sale was finalised and the money was in the bank, I contacted Chris again last Monday with a couple of cars that I was interested in. By the following afternoon we had the deal done and I booked a flight into Birmingham and a ferry to Dublin. Chris was there to pick me up at 07:30am on a Saturday. He showed me the car, brought me through the paperwork and an hour later I was on the way home! Chris is a really good guy to deal with and I am more than happy to recommend him.
England to Ireland Car Buyer


Thanks to Gary for taking the time to write that testimonial for me. I always count my customers as friends as that is what we end up becoming. I hope that if you are looking for a new car, then you too will consider using my Car Buying Service – More Info Here.