I outsource a lot of my deliveries as part of my Car Auction Buying Service, but sometimes it’s just difficult to get a driver to go from one location to another within my customers time frame. In this case, I tend to do those deliveries myself, including one this Saturday just gone that turned out to be a 10 hour round trip.

The bit I like about this is that I get to meet the customer and put a face to our email chats and phone chats. I can’t do them all, I wish I could as I love meeting you, but it’s just not viable. I also find I get a bit travel sick keeping up on emails whilst being in the chase car lol (the chase car is the car driven by another driver to bring me back after dropping the car off and also to get me to the location of where your car is, in case you didn’t know).

I also get people travel some serious distance to pick up their cars from Flipping Cars HQ in Birmingham. One of the customers below is Jonathan, and he travelled from Malta to collect his new car lol, but guess what, Paul tops that as he came from New Zealand! He actually came a really interesting route, as he and his wife came via a cruise on the QE2 into Southampton and then up by train from there to be collected by me at that awesome destination Birmingham International Train Station haha (not a bad as Milton Keynes I guess).

The Feefo reviews continue to grow nicely. It’s great as you get to check out my Independent customer feedback. I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, after all, I’m human, but you’ll always receive 100% of my effort and support through your car buying journey with me.

Enjoy the pictures below and maybe one day it will be you receiving your new car from me…

Paul & his Mrs from New Zealand


James from Boston (UK) but actually from the windy city of Chicago


Alan from Ireland


Ken from Ireland


Chris from Reading


Jonathan from Malta

Image coming this Saturday when he collects his new car from me… he’s en route from as I type this

Dylan & Bryn

& here’s a random image of my 2 boys having fun…. When I’m not out delivering, I’m usually in the middle of these two 😉 (Dylan on the left and Bryn on the right)