Buying Service Terms and Conditions

Thank you for asking a trading name of My Car Broker Ltd to source your next car on your behalf. This is a short agreement between you and us. I, we, us mean a trading name of My Car Broker Ltd. You, your Name, your and any other reference to you means your name as stated by you above.

In absence of a signed agreement, you agree to these terms and conditions by asking us to bid for you.

You authorise us to source a car on your behalf based on the above specification or LOT numbers or based on details that you have emailed to and that we have replied to acknowledging receipt of these details.

You are buying a bidding service with us, not a car. Once we have placed one bid the service is legally deemed delivered in full. We allow unlimited bids on unlimited cars for one purchase and the service doesn’t expire until you buy one car, so you are welcome to come back at anytime should you not buy the first time around. Please be aware though that this service is non-refundable after the initial first bid has been made regardless if that falls within the first 14 days of your right to cancel. By placing a bid you agree to this.

Warranties & T&Cs: We strongly recommend you source a used car warranty from a third party. Whether you are buying for business or personal use or as a motor trader, our service is only to assist you with the purchase of a second hand car from public auction or from a trade to trade auction source on your behalf through bidding. a trading name of My Car Broker Ltd (trading in this case as an auction) is not selling the car to you & you should be aware all cars are sold as seen. You are able to attend the auction in person should you wish. Where the car is assured, we will assist you with any post sales claims within the time constraints of the auction. It is your responsibility to inform us of any post sale claims within the auction timeframe. Where you are a motor trader, the purchase is deemed trade to trade. This and other T&Cs are published here and updated regularly You should seriously consider obtaining a suitable warranty at your cost to protect yourself. If you would like some free advice from us on this, please just ask. We can provide a trade price warranty from Warranty Wise and can provide a free quote in advance of any purchase.

If there is an issue, DO NOT register the car in your name or carry out any work or servicing. If you do, NO post-sale claims will be entertained and you accept the car in its condition as is.

The purchase of the car is made based on the information provided above so please be detailed.

The purchase is final and you agree to accept, buy and pay in full for the car. 



48 hours notice must be given before a bid will be accepted or cancelled on a car. In some circumstances I can bid or cancel with less notice but this cannot be guaranteed. You need to provide realistic bids. If I feel the bid is not realistic I reserve the right not to bid on that car. Consistent unrealistic bids will result in cancellation of this agreement without refund.


You agree to pay the full balance within 24 hours of the auction hammer directly to My Car Broker Ltd by bank transfer unless otherwise agreed. This is so we can adhere to UK anti-money laundering regulations. You will receive a full VAT invoice from My Car Broker Ltd and a copy of the auction house invoice which will match exactly. Credit & Debit Cards are not accepted due to the time it takes to get cleared funds off these. Please make sure you have funds available. Faster payments
are recommended. Payment direct to auction is no longer possible due to anti-money laundering regulations in the UK.

My Car Broker Ltd is a UK company & VAT registered. This is for your peace of mind.

Your bid made by us is legally binding. You accept full responsibility and agree to purchase the chosen car or cars in full. DO NOT ask us to buy if you feel unsure about anything. Ask us first before we buy for you. We do not bank roll vehicle purchases.

Where you have paid us for the car/s in advance, any over budget paid to us where applicable will be refunded within 7 working days to your nominated account minus any incurred fees. If we do not buy a car for you we will refund the funds to your account within 7 working days. My fee is nonrefundable.


The full V5 documentation is usually handed to you. Cars bought from auction or from another motor trader are registered with the DVLA as being in trade and no new keeper is added until it is delivered to you where you must register the car in your name or your business name within 3 working days. We can do this for you if you send us the Document Reference Number and you must send us this number regardless of who registers it within 3 working days of receipt of the car. It will have no additional owners added to it by us. The transfer of the car for motor traders is deemed trade to trade.


For online auction purchases, we will arrange for your car to be collected by either us or our preferred shipper at an additional charge to you (we will quote you first and you may decide to arrange collection yourself). If we are shipping the car abroad additional costs will be charged, however they will be agreed with you beforehand. You may also pick the car up yourself.


Where necessary, your car will be insured through our trade policy if it is in our possession / whilst in our possession. When you pick the car up you will be responsible for the insurance and road tax. We can also store your car for 30 days free of charge for you. Please note it needs to be delivered to us at your cost.


We can deliver your car to any UK Address or port at a charge of approx. £1.00p + VAT (and fuel if required) per mile plus £25.00 on a suitable date for both of us. Minimum £120+VAT + FUEL

Delivery to Dublin is £395.00 Plus VAT approx. it may be more depending on the location of th ecar

Please advise us if you want this option in advance.

My Car Broker Ltd Registered in England & Wales 13427724. Registered Office The Warehouse, Boulton Road, Solihull, West Midlands, United Kingdom, B91 2JU.


If we are buying online for you, we will be unable to inspect the car in person and you take full responsibility for this. This also means we will not be able to test drive the car. We will, however, inspect any mechanic reports and condition reports and advise you accordingly. If we are buying in person then we will inspect the car in line with auction rules and access. Where a car is assured we will provide support to deal with any assurance issues within the time constraints of the auction (48 hours). If the car is going overseas we strongly recommend the car is delivered to us first so we can check it matches the assured report. If it is going directly to you then you can assume the assurance will become invalid and no post sales claims can be supported. If you collect the car yourself and leave the auction premises you accept the car as seen and no post-sale claims can or will be accepted.

I can provide CAP and Retail valuations on all cars prior to bidding. Please provide Reg and Mileage of any cars you require this for.

If you feel you really don’t like the car we will help you sell the car. You must still pay for the car in full and agree to do so within 24 hours. You may incur some costs to cover listing fees but we will help you with additional storage and insurance and the logistics of selling the car on your behalf. Any profit if applicable from the car sale would be split 50% each. Failure to pay for the car within the allotted time will mean forfeiture of your deposit and you will remain liable for all costs incurred in recovering the balance from you including all interest and legal costs which you agree to pay.

My fee


£295 – to £5000 (£245.83 + £49.17)
£395 – £5,001 to £20,000 (£329.17 + £65.83) £495 – £20,001 to £30,000 (£412.50 + £82.50) £595 – £30,001 to £40,000 (£495.83 + £99.17) £695 – £40,001 to £50,000 (£579.17 + £115.83) £795 – £50,001 to £60,000 (£662.50 + £132.50) £895 – £60,001 to 80,000 (£745.83 + £149.17) £995 – £80,001 to £120,000 (£829.17 + £165.83)

This is nonrefundable whether you buy or not as I will have dedicated considerable time & resource to you. It is due upon signing this agreement. do not sign if you do not agree to this. 

By asking us to bid on any car or vehicle via the admin portal, email, over the phone or via any other method, you agree that our service has been delivered in full regardless of whether we win the car or not. You should be aware that your 14 days right to cancel the agreement is then lost as the service is delivered in full. None of your other rights is affected. The service you are buying is a service that facilities bidding on trade & auction cars, not a physical product, nor an actual vehicle purchase.

Auction bids where I attend an auction at your request outside of my local area and at the cost of requiring me to set a day aside are at an additional fee unless otherwise agreed. This additional fee will be agreed beforehand. It is to cover travel and time costs.

This fee should be paid to the business bank account upon signing this agreement. Details on the signable form or by email request.

This must be paid upon signing and should be paid at least 72 hours before a bid is required.

Your rights are available below. Please note, as you are buying from auction you are not classed as a consumer