You wont get to test drive a car at auction. The only chance you will get to see it with the engine actually running and the car moving is when the car is in the auction line up. Pop your head through the window and look at the dashboard. See any of these lights on? Now you know what they mean.

What engine warning lights mean

The auctioneer WILL tell you if an engine light is showing but not until just before the bidding starts. If you have taken the time to look first you wont put yourself under pressure when the bidding gets underway. Now you can make a decision on whether you are still interested in bidding on the car. It might be an easy fault to fix, it might be a nightmare!

You should also take a look at the mechanics report where available as this will give you more information on any possible faults.

mechanical report

You should also take a read of this post for 7 extra images you can take with you when looking at a car prior to the auction line up.

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