I’m really proud and pleased to be able to announce the launch of the Flipping Cars Business in a Box. It’s a product I’ve been developing for the last year and something I’ve invested serious money in. Its a one-stop solution for those of you who want to get into selling cars properly. Now, each day I’m emailed by people telling me they have an interest in this business but are unsure of how to go about building it into a successful business or that they have tried and are either struggling, failing or not progressing quickly enough. That’s what Business in a box is!

In a nutshell its a combination of products and support that will help you start and grow a proper car sales business from home backed with real support.

I used to offer training or car sourcing only & then you were on your own. People I have spoken with have struggled to sell a car, not sure what they should be buying or just want to grow a proper business and need this extra help and support.



Many of you will know I’ve run 1:1 training, delivered online courses and sold hundreds of eBooks on Flipping Cars. One of the things I’ve learnt from this is that for success a lot of people need ongoing support and resource. Delivering 1:1 courses have proved too time-consuming and to be honest, I can deliver far more in value over a longer period of time instead of just 1 day. This ongoing support, mentoring and network building will help you grow a successful business

So the first part of Business-in-a-Box is training.

This consists of my training manual, over 100 minutes of HD video and access to my weekly training webinars.

Support & Webinars

Each person who signs up gets to network with me but more importantly, gets to network with others doing the same thing in the exclusive members-only forum. The forum is a place for like-minded entrepreneurs to chat and share experiences. It’s also great because its a place where you can trade amongst yourselves.

Each week you will be invited to attend a weekly webinar where I will host a series of topics to help you grow your business.

Website & Business Management  (CarDealerManager.com)

A crucial part of any business is presenting yourself correctly. Even if you only have 1 car to sell. Instil confidence and command higher sale prices through a proper website. You get CarDealerManager.com as standard with Business-in-a-box. It’s a solution that will grow with your business. It also has a suite of business management tools to help you run your business properly.

Accept Credit Cards (PayCarDealer.co.uk)

Accept credit cards for payments and deposits with PayCarDealer.co.uk 
Now you can trade professionally.

Trade Stock

I employ a full-time car sourcing executive. This means you will have access to trade price stock. This helps you minimise your risk and gets you stock a lot quicker. Buy at trade prices and sell at retail prices. Most stock comes with advice such as CAP trade guides, PDIs and recommended retail pricing.

Offer Finance (CarFinanceByChris.com)

As a trader from home, you won’t be able to offer finance. However, I can. I will offer this to your customers and split any commissions with you.


So all this is the Business-in-a-Box solution. Exciting isn’t it!

Now you could go and spend £20,000, £30,000, £40,000 or more on a franchise and work to build yourself a wage! Now Business-in-a-Box isn’t a franchise, instead its a solution to help you grow your own real business. It costs just a fraction too.  it’s a low-cost way to get the real support you definitely need.

Miss it, Miss Out!

First 10 People Pricing!


I have a special launch price for the service…

£299 + VAT initial sign up fee
then £100 + VAT per month.

For that, you get all the above! Cheap isn’t it!


For the next 10 its…

£399 + VAT initial sign up fee 
then £149 + VAT per month.

Interested. Pre-registration is open. Please email hello@flippingcars.co.uk with the subject line BUSINESS-IN-A-BOX

You will receive a request for £299 + VAT once that’s paid, you have a place secured. Ill update available spaces below for you.
It will operate on a first paid, first served basis.


Available places left on the first wave

10  9  8


Disclaimer!!! MUST READ!

Now, I shouldn’t have to add this disclaimer but I will as the world is full of idiots who think being an entrepreneur is easy.

If you are a lazy b*stard or looking for a get rich quick scheme, you are in the WRONG place, LEAVE NOW. Like any REAL business, this will take work. You will get cars you struggle to sell, you will buy cars that cause you headaches thanks to mechanical issues and you will lose some money on some cars. You will deal with customers who are complete dickhe*ds, that’s life (just like one or two people who sign up for this will be for me). If you put the effort in, you will make money. Some people make money really, really fast and some it takes some time. You may find you need to fund the purchase of a few cars to get a sensible ‘turnover’. Some areas of the UK you will find it easier to sell in than others. Likewise, some people are better at selling than others. Success takes work. I will NOT guarantee your success, that’s down to you. I WILL GUARANTEE I will provide the resource to help you get there.

I’m here to help but I’m no mug.  Take the pi*s and ill boot you out without a refund! I look forward to welcoming the serious amongst you. Finally, if you think you will sign up for a month, then demand a refund because you are too bone idle to make this work save your money in the first place. I will have given you access to a lot of resources that’s cost me a lot of money. NO REFUNDS! Don’t sign up otherwise it will offend me and I won’t roll over no matter how hard you moan and stamp your feet. You’ll go on my wall of shame! Sorry to the 99% this doesn’t apply to, but there will be one or two out there that this will apply to. This is for you!