Have you listed a car for sale on Gumtree recently? Did you get a text message with the number field filled in with the name BobWright? Then you’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of receiving a message from scammers.

They will ask you to send them an email to bobwright301@gmail.com or similar with more information. You’ll receive a message back with a link asking to verify your bank card, credit card or bank details. DONT DO IT! Its a phishing scam. You’ll be handing over your personal banking details to a load of scammers. This is the aim of the scam, to collect and defraud honest sellers by gaining their bank and banking card details.

If you have received a message or email from this ‘guy’ please comment below

BobWright or Bob Wright

Common numbers and email addresses reported as scams from this person are

  • 1-518-288-9506
  • 00447721570970
  • bobwright301@gmail.com

If you have handed over your details to this email address then you should firstly contact your bank and notify them. Then contact Action Fraud. Also post your experiences and details below to warn others.