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When bidding on a car at auction you must remember to take into account the Auction Fees.

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After-all they are a business and must make money too. Auction fees differ from one auction house to the other and from location to location. They also differ based on your buying level. For example if you are buying one car for yourself you’ll pay the maximum amount, but if you are a trader and can prove it and buy a minimum amount of vehicles per year you will pay less.

One thing to bear in mind is that you will still pay the maximum amount on a set amount of vehicles. This is usually your first three purchases. Then you go up a level and pay a lower amount. There are usually multiple levels based on your purchasing volume.

Most auction houses dont publish there fees on there websites. They like you to turn up first and find them out at the auction. They are usually listed near the cashiers office. Here we look at the buyers auctions fee’s that you will pay at BCA – British Car Auctions.

BCA Auction Fees

Buyer Fees – Standard (no discount)
These fee’s apply to the purchase of your first 3 vehicles. After which you will progress to lower fees.

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Example of PDF available for download…

bca buyers fee

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Buyer Fee List Last Updated 23rd July 2014

I’ve also added Manheim Auction Fee’s to this download