In this YouTube video, I explain the British Car Auctions (BCA) Assured Report. Its a multi-point check carried out by an Independent company, The AA. Now it is a series of basic checks but reduces your risk when buying from an auction. Watch the full video and see what is actually covered and what isn’t. Its a long video, over 25 minutes but its an important one for those private buyers out there who have never bought before or if this is your first BCA claim.

It covers approx 30 checks. They are extremely limited checks so you should check the wording so that you don’t assume things are covered, that aren’t actually covered. BCA, produce a PDF too, and I’ve linked to that below. Us that with my video and you should have a good idea on what is covered by the BCA Assured Report.

Some people think the report is a bit of a scam. They say things are OK when they are not. That’s most likely you interpreting the report incorrectly. So take your time to understand the report. It is ultimately, your responsibility.

Remember, I offer a car auction buying service and I’d recommend using it if you want to reduce your risk of buying an auction lemon. 

If you need to make a claim with BCA then the details are below for you

This PDF from BCA also helps explain what is covered.

Example BCA Assured Report

BCA Assured Report