25th March 2020



So whilst all staff are currently working from home, as a business we main open, but with some obvious service delays







The auctions are now closed to all live sales, but we can still buy from over 20,000 online purchases. We are buying 100% online. At this time & all auctions, are only accepting online bids. Its actually a great time to buy and prices are currently low, and I’d advise you watch these 3 videos



Deliveries: Updated 25th March 2020


We ask you for your patience with deliveries. All cars are on my £300k car insurance policy and are safe. Deliveries will be done as often as we are allowed to do them. This is costing a lot more to do but I am subsidising this cost personally.


We are currently being told we cannot collect for the three-week lockdown. We will get you your vehicle asap after this.


I currently cannot commit to a delivery date; however, I will keep you updated and deliver asap. I apologise in advance for this, but I am sure you understand the reasons why. Please make no plans for your vehicle until we deliver.




We will reply to everyone as quickly as possible but please address any issue to hello@flippingcars.co.uk

Please do keep emails and phone calls to a minimum. We are working through everything as quickly as possible and will keep this info updated here


Funds Return


If you have funds with us and we are returning them to you asap but please be patient. Our accountant is doing these for us. We are setting up a large number of new payees and as you can imagine this takes time.  You can be sure that the banks will conduct security checks on these large payments. We cannot control these, but we are processing asap.


We also have a daily limit on transactions and are processing a large amount so we may send you payment back in split amounts over a period of days. Again, your patience is appreciated.






All my staff working from home, so I am flying solo. Your patience is appreciated. Flipping Cars as a business is well funded and has access to considerable financial resources so please, just be patient 😉


Good health to you and your loved ones